Silliness sets sail!

Two childhood passions – dinosaurs and pirates – come together with wit and cheek in this dino– pirate cartoon series. This is a world where everyone is pirates – kids, dinosaurs and just plain silly adults, sailing the seven seas and beyond. Each episode is full of swashbuckling silliness where our protagonist kids, Flinn, Pearl, Tom and Violet set sail on a pirate ship to get bossy, prehistoric, pirate dinosaur baddies. These four seafarers boldly go where no young’uns have gone before in a Monty–Python–for–kids experience with vivid action and laugh out loud physical fun.

The irreverence, general frivolity and disrespect for pirate dinosaurs are wrapped around a message of simple empowerment: sometimes when you face your fear you’ll notice it’s wearing a milk moustache (underneath that eye patch).

Based on the Award Winning picture books of the same name by mighty talented Author/Illustrator duo Giles Andreae and Russell Ayto. 

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