As seen on Seven, Rai & Gulli

Look out, world! Here comes…The DaVincibles, a Cartoon Caper Comedy Series aimed at 7–11 year olds in search of wild, slapstick action. Pablo, his sister Lisa and their hilariously inept Uncle Leo Davinci star in kid-relatable stories with over-the-top funny characters on madcap adventures from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon Jungle to the pyramids of Egypt!

The DaVincibles follows the comedic exploits of the modern-day DaVinci family as they explore the world for rare artefacts to sell at Uncle Leo’s Kurios Kat antique shop. Along the way, they cross paths with the world’s most devious, yet questionably competent, super villains known as The Society of Very Bad Villains (or SVBV for short).

Very dangerous and very ineffective, the SVBV will stop at nothing to defeat Pablo, Lisa and Uncle Leo. From their headquarters below a family style pizza parlour, the super-genius Quba and his SVBV constantly plot to rule the world. When they aren’t serving pizza to screaming kids of course. Armed with his special Spray Alive paint that can bring any inanimate object to life, Quba is after one thing: to make sure the world finally realizes he is the greatest artist EVER!

But the Davincibles are invincible, because through it all, the family that digs up treasure together, and ghts Very Bad Villains together…stays together!

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