A story of eternal youth, blue farts and much, much more...

As seen on Nine Network Australia

It’s hard work when you’re twelve years old, and have to look after your mother – who has just turned two. It’s frustrating being a runaway in search of your family – with only a faded photo to go on. And it’s absolutely DEADLY knowing that the seeds of a blue tea plant have been washed into the river system, and any moment now plants will grow that can keep people young forever.

But at least Amy and Sprocket have each other. Together they’ll bring up Toddler Mum as best they can, they’ll fight Pooper Scooper and his malevolent family, and they’ll nd every one of those mutating tea plants before they can destroy the world.

Based on the best-selling series of books by Australia’s top children’s authors, Morris Gleitzman and Paul Jennings, Deadly! is a twisted mix of action, entertainment and eternal toddlers for fun-loving teenagers everywhere.

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