A whole new breed of Hero

As seen on TEN, ABC3 and CBC

A fresh and imaginative adventure comedy series geared for kids aged 6-11.

In the year 3000, when alien insects are crawling through the galaxy and a dangerous rift between man and nature ensues, a young scientist and wildlife explorer is called into action. His name is Dex Hamilton, and no one knows bugs like he does!

Escaping from the toxic nest of a slimy solar bug? Researching the pollination habits of the Solar Winged Butter y? Saving the planet from king-kong crickets? Just another day in the life of Dex Hamilton! Being an alien entomologist isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when there’s a mysterious insect infestation on the rise! Dex and his team of lovable mis ts are quickly discovering that their scienti c skills are desperately needed to keep the natural world in balance.

A co production with March Entertainment, distributed by Parthenon Kids.

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