The fin-splapping adventures of a fish left home alone!

If you like laughs, lunacy and all things illogical, then get ready for Gasp, the most happening fish the gold fish bowl has ever seen.

Ever wondered what pets get up to when there are no humans around to spoil the fun? This is the place to find out in a show about a larger-than-life golden carp named Gasp, whose imagination is as big as his heart.

Based on the successful GASP!, ZAPT!, SPLAT!, SQUISH!, CRASH!, CHOMP! series of comic books by Australian author/illustrator/genius Terry Denton, this fin-twitchingly funny series follows the zany antics of a gold fish and his fellow pet mates left home alone when Mum, Dad and their two kids, Ginger and Fred, have gone off to work, school or play.

From boot scooting pond guppies to pet singing/dancing revues, anything can happen in this house — and usually does! Gasp, Catnap, Dogbox and Beetlenick will be getting stuck into another seriously fun situation in every pun-packed episode.

Make sure you’re part of the mayhem when Gasp swims to a TV near you.

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