The explosive comedy that's out of this world!

As seen on Ten, Nickelodeon, Disney, KI.KA, Gulli, Kabillion.

Vinnie Q just got the best present a boy could wish for – a wise-cracking, gadget-packed rocket……who just happens to be his new best friend!

Based on Matt Zurbo and Dean Gorissen’s achingly hip, Crichton award-winning picture book, I Got a Rocket!™ is an explosive, fast-paced comedy for everyone, no matter how artificial their intelligence! Set in a colourful, urban environment, I Got a Rocket!™ mixes kid-centric stories with the exciting twist of seeing the world through the eyes of a Rocket packed with personality, enthusiasm and liquid oxygen.

From the schoolyard to the solar system, every episode sees Vinnie and the uber- enthusiastic Rocket blasting o on another over-the-top adventure full of squid-munching pirates, ninjas and city-slicker farmers that’ll fire your funny bones into orbit.

A co production with Taffy Entertainment and KiKA.

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