The Skinner Boys: Guardians of the Lost Secrets

It’s Skinner time! World explorer Augustus Skinner left his 4 grandkids a big surprise… the Skinner kids are now Guardians of the Lost Secrets… a collection of artefacts across the world that possess freaky powers, and crazy creatures that nobody ever believed really existed.

As international adventurers, artefact hunters and secret guardians – these teens must live their lives protecting The Lost Secrets against those who would corrupt their powers and endanger the planet.

This is the flipped-out, fun and freakish world of the Skinners. And it all results in loads of freestyle missions, teenage antics and offbeat fun.

Being teens, these kids have a secret weapon – their youth! Nobody would ever guess that four kids would be capable of outsmarting the powerful Shadowy League and protecting the world.

With 52 missions behind them these guardians are up for anything!

Based on the original concept created by Steve Lyons.

© 2016 SLR Productions Pty Limited and Telegael Teoranta. All Rights Reserved.