The Skinner Boys: Guardians of the Lost Secrets - Season 2

Buckle up for another 26 adrenaline pumped, by the seat of your pants, laugh out loud awesome episodes of The Skinner Boys! It’s SKINNER TIME!

The teenage grandkids of Augustus Skinner are guardians of the world’s most powerful secrets and they’re having a ball every time they go on a mission to save the world.

In their unique goofball way teens Charles, Tara, Henry and Edward regularly save the world and its powerful artefacts… all in time for Mum’s roast dinner. There’s plenty of fun in saving the world’s artefacts, like the Body Clock of Tingri-La, which gives you the ability to read minds, even if you don’t want to. Then there’s the Stone Maker, which brings a powerful stone army of yetis to life; and the Chimes of Change, which Obsidian Stone uses to change himself into Henry Skinner. And Henry Skinner into him!

But it’s not all easy. Charles has even more malfunctioning goofy inventions, which somehow, sometimes save the day. Tara’s still a mystic visionary who is the greatest mystery of all to her male cousins. Henry still has cool hair and all the martial art moves you could muster and Edward, well yes, his pants still don’t manage to stay up for a whole episode!